- P -   (continued)

Mary Prince   Portland OR
Denby 1966
Comments:  Friday nights at The Hideout. Was Detroit the only city that all the houses had "clothes chutes" and milk chutes? How about Jefferson Park where the boat races were held each year. Add Dunkin' Burgers to the cheap hamburger places on 8 Mile Rd that we hung out at as teens. What was that really dark street in Grosse Pointe where everyone would go make out?
I remember in the early 70s when a big dinner out was chinese at Chin Tiki downtown. (It was featured as a dance club in the movie 8 Mile and looks exactly the same.) Remember the National Guard downtown during the riots? The year the Tigers won the world series? The biggest baseball hero of all -- Al Kaline! I had a mad crush on him. Every bride for years went to Belle Isle for their pictures by the fountain.

- R -

Violet Ragland   Detroit MI
Denby 1947
Comments: Great memories. I remember working at Packard Motor Car Co., shopping at Hudson's downtown, dancing at the Vanity Ballroom. Also the fireworks on 4th of July at Eastwood Park.

Dana R. Reitzel   Canton MI
Schafer High 1972
Comments: I grew up in the 60s in Detroit. A great time to be a kid. Sights, sounds, food, fun! Cops walking the beat on Vernor Hwy, penny candy, comic book trade-in store, soda fountains, and Patton Park Pool!

Charleen Rogocki
Comments: Had a great childhood. Back then, the State Fairs were the greatest. And who could forget TriHi and cherry phosphates. Adler wool socks at Hudson's were $1.00 a pair.
7 Mile and Gratio was the greatest. Nothing was more fun than Notre Dame dances, except Jefferson and
St. Clair Beaches.

Julie Meyerson Ross   Davenport IA
Comments: I loved reading your memories. Brought a big smile to my face. I left Detroit (actually St. Clair Shores) in 1968 when I was 10 years old. We used to go back to visit family, but that gradually stopped over the years.  I am now 45 years old, and you revived many, many fond memories. I am aching to go back there.

Violet A. Ragland   Carlsbad CA
Comments: What about the Ruins of Detroit?

Eileen:  See DetroitYES! website.

Garry Reese   Las Vegas NV
Visitation 1966
Comments: It is wonderful...I loved Edgewater! I miss Detroit and won't let ANYONE put her down. It was a great place to grow up. Thanks for the memories!

Claudia Ridner   Warren MI
Denby 1969
Comments: It's good to think / look about the good old days when you were growing up and very proud to be from Detroit.

Kenneth Robinson   Detroit MI
Mumford 1974
Comments: Fun website. Enjoy going back in time. If you lived near 6 mile, then you must have eaten at Louis Deli, or if you lived near Oak Park, the infamous Breadbasket Deli.

R. Rosen  Holiday FL
Chadsey 1961
Comments: Very good. It brings back old times when I was a teen in Detroit.

Patricia Ruhland   Garden City MI
Henry Ford 1967
Comments: Love this web site. Sure brings back memories of "the good old days."
- N -

Elizabeth M. Nerthing   Titusville FL
East Commerce 1944
Comments: Lots and lots of memories here, and we got our milk in a chute from the Twin Pines milkman.

Jerry Norquist   Canton MI
Plymouth 1966
Comments: Wonderful memories, and isn't that what life is about, making memories? A huge shake at Cloverdales for a quarter, a "meal" at Burger Chef was fries, a hamburger and a shake for 45 cents, Friday nite football games with sock hops afterward and cruisin' over to Walled Lake Casino to hear Lee Allen (on the horn) spin some 45s -- Bob Seger and the Last Herd, the Rationals, Mitch Ryder and all the great Motown groups -- were the best! No computers but a ton of great times playing ball at the school yard, hockey on frozen ponds, and building tree forts out in the woods. This web site is awesome and will be on my daily "things to do"!

J. Nagy   Indiana
Ferndale High 1967
Comments:  I remember cruising down Woodward all the way to Ted's Drive-In in Pontiac to meet guys and then ending up at Big Boy's at 10 Mile & Woodward to meet friends later. Hot fudge cream puffs from Sanders, walking to Woolworth's on Saturday for fries and a coke at the counter, going to Northland Shopping Center to shop.

John Nagridge   Royal Oak MI
Immaculate Conception 1979
Comments: What a terrific website! It's bringing me back a lot of memories! Here are some I came up with that I don't think were mentioned yet:
The mosaic wall of outer space on Universal City Mall, Atlas Pop, The TV show called "Hamtramck" starring
Tom Ryan, Owning a DREAD card from WRIF George Baier (spelling?) who did those great voices like Dick the Bruiser on J.J. and the Morning Show on various rock radio stations, the great German food at The Little Cafe on Gratiot. The ethnic festivals on the waterfront and later Hart Plaza. The "You've gotta have art" commercials for the Detroit Institute of Arts Galaxy Drive-In on Dequindre near 10 Mile, The Turtle Soup Inn in Detroit. Watching old men playing bocci at the original Buddy's in Detroit while waiting in the long lines for great pizza.

Eileen: Take a look at John's website where he offers a list of Detroit's delicacies.  www.wideopenwest.com

Mary Nagle   Fair Haven MI
Mount Clemens 1976
Comments: Loved this site! I love reading about old information!

Lillian Nesbitt   Wayne MI
Romulus 1951
Comments: Neat!

Maxine Nunnally   Stone Mountain GA
Wilbur Wright 1967
Comments: This site brings back such great memories of my childhood. It jogs so many memories. I was really excited to see others that had the same experiences, and that someone else remembers the "Auntie Dee Show!"

- O -

Patricia O'Flaherty   Tucson AZ
Redford 1958
Comments: A wonderful trip down memory lane!

Elaine O'Neill   Branson MO
St. Theresa 1967
Comments: I really enjoyed your website! It brought back innumerable pleasant memories of my childhood.
I was born and raised in Detroit and only moved away within the past year. I'll be recommending your website to
all my family and friends. Thank you
for 'saving' all the wonderful things about Detroit!!

Kris Orselli  Novi MI
Cherry Hill 1971
Comments: How about Muirheads in Dearborn?
- P -

Feriel Palmer   Moraga CA
Comments: I grew up near Windsor (Canada), but had plenty of American cousins, watched the tv shows and was in Detroit or Dearborn every other weekend. Ate lunch with Soupy, watched the Twin Pines Dairy show with "Applesauce" (I always thought he was a dragonfly). How about the Market Basket grocery stores? I was always fascinated by the HUGE moving beer signs...Johnny Pfieffer the rooster playing a flute, Pabst Blue Ribbon. I attended U of D, we sure did cruise 8 Mile back then. I still think Detroit pizza is the best I've ever had. What a great site for nostalgia! Oh yes, the DJ on WJR every night at midnight would play "I Can't Get Started" as he signed off and told us he had been in Detroit, say, 365 nights, but couldn't "get started with you." What was that all about? We never missed tuning in though! Did you know that CKLW was originally a Canadian station in Windsor, moved to Detroit and was the only radio station in the USA that started with a "C"? Anyway, enough spouting off, but enjoyed this immensely! Keep up the great memories.

Joan (Gehrke) Petrillo   Dallas TX
Cousino 1969
Comments: Sometimes you don't know how much fun you had until after it's over. Your site has a lot of things I remember: Sunday nights "under 21" at the Roostertail, the millions of miles we put on our cars on Woodward (and Gratiot, etc.). Lucky they were giving gas away then, huh? I also remember when Oakland Mall opened, how exciting! Since my kids still live in the area, I get back there 2-3 times a year and now bring my new husband. It's fun looking at the town through his eyes, although it is sometimes sad since so much of it is gone.

Julie Plasencia  Suffolk
Comments: It takes me back! I left in
8th grade. At the time I was attending Whitier Junior High. Even though I've spent most of my life in the south, I'm
a Michigander at heart!

Julie Marinko Plunk   Jackson TN
St. Norberts/Cherry Hill
Comments: Of course I remember Swingin' Time (I actually danced on there a few times), drinking Vernor's, listening to the Flaming Ember and the MC 5 and the UP and SRC and the Rationals, going to the various drive-ins: State Wayne, Jolly Roger, Dearborn Drive In, to name a few; watching Soupy Sales, Poopdeck Paul, and Captain Jolly, listening to Keener and CKLW, riding around in Roseanne's green Maverick, eating at the counter at Woolworth's downtown - oh yea, and Downtown Detroit Days. We always got lots of bargains at Hudson's. Way too many memories to list!

Bob Papich   Detroit MI
Redford 1969
Comments: I wish everyone who visits this site could add their own memories. It sure was great growing up here!

Ruth Pasfield   Brighton MI
Lincoln HS
Comments: Neat!

Mark Pasternak   Fort Lauderdale FL
Riverside 1973
Comments: Your site is my reference point when I want to "out-trivia" any of my friends from Detroit. Except for missing Demery's (under "Shopping") you've covered most everything. Detroit really was a great place to grow up in the 50s and 60s, wasn't it?

Pete Peterson   Holiday FL
Pontiac Northern 1963
Comments: I grew up in Pontiac till college, then moved to Flint 10 years, and finally 22 years in Plymouth. Your website is outstanding, but I just can't seem to remember a "tunnel" going to Belle Isle
(#2 on the your website)? Can someone please explain?

Eileen: Actually, the "tunnel" was listed on the original email I received from my cousin. At first I thought my memory was failing me when I didn't remember it. When you mentioned it in your email, I did some checking around, and no one else remembered it either. I think the original writer may have meant the Detroit-Windsor tunnel; however, isn't there a tunnel near Belle Isle that comes in from Grand Blvd? For now, I've removed the reference.

Tim Pfahler  White Lake MI
Cooley 1971
Comments: A stroll down Memory Lane.

Bob Portman
St. Gregory
Comments: Gov. Williams (Soapy), UofD Freedom Festival, Soup Bowl games, old Ford building, Goodfellow games, Briggs Stadium

Vince Prygoski   Gaines MI
Wyandotte Roosevelt 1983
Comments: The Big Uniroyal Tire was a ferris wheel at the 1964-65 Worlds Fair in NYC. I was pretty fascinated by it as a kid, as well as the Marathon oil tank painted like a big baseball for the Tigers. Let's see...I attended a couple of Red Wings games at Olympia, the last Packers-Lions game (I have always been a Green Bay fan) at Tiger Stadium in 1974 (also attended the first of these at Ford Field, as well as the first and last at the Silverdome), saw Kaline play a few times (he is still my all time favorite) and saw the Bird pitch against Reggie Jackson and the Baltimore Orioles. I was only four when the 1968 Tigers won it all, but I attended Game 4 of the 1984 Series against San Diego, in which current manager Alan Trammell hit a couple of home runs.
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