You remember Chung's Chinese Restaurant on Cass Ave at Peterboro, across the street from Garrick Photo Supplies.

You remember Dexter Chevrolet on Dexter, later on moving to 8 Mile Rd near Lahser.

You went to Cooley, Redford or Mackenzie and had your haircut at either Chuck's or 
The Hubb barber shop.

You’d buy hot chestnuts from a sidewalk vendor in front of J.L Hudson's downtown. 

The Mercury Theater on 6 Mile with the fluorescent Apollo and his horse and chariot on the walls.

You remember when Doyle's Liquor Store would deliver to your home. 

You watched Roller Derby at Olympia Stadium.

You remember that the Livingston Lighthouse on Belle Isle is the only marble one in the world.

You remember going to Hudson's to get tickets to dance on The Gary Steven's Show to be taped on Sunday at Northland's basement studio five days a week.  

You were born at Lakeside General Hospital on Jefferson Ave.

You had a giant dill pickle out of the wooden barrel at Eurich's General Store in Dearborn.

You bought your toy trains and camaras from Baker & Baker on Chalmers and Houston

You went to the Motor City Speedway on 8 Mile to watch drivers like Iggy Katoona and 
Wild Bill Niday. It was hosted by Fred Wolf. Then you'd go to the Dipsy Doodle Drive-in 
for a burger and a coke.

You saw Roger Lindamood at the Detroit Dragway drag racing his nationally famous Plymouth or Dodge named "Color Me Gone"!

You went to the Light Guard Armory on 8 Mile Rd. for a car show.

You went to the Hungry Eye night club for 'far out' music and poetry, beatniks and flower children.

You roller skated at the Arcadia Roller Rink on Woodward and Myrtle.

You went the Drome Lounge on Sunday for the live jazz matinee.

You remember listening to live lunchtime radio broadcasts from Yeaman's Knife & Fork Club featuring Bill Yeaman interviewing  entertainers "stopping by while they were in town."

You did a stint at DeHoCo (Detroit House of Correction) or, worse, wound up at Eloise.

You remember  in the fall of 1969 when Russ Gibb was on WKNR-FM and hinted that Paul McCartney's death was buried in the tracks of Beatle records, and the story exploding internationally within a week.

You remember Dan Carlisle airing a special documentary on WKNR-FM a week after the "Paul McCartney is Dead" story broke, playing all the backward tracks and clues and interviews they could get, bringing the attention of the music world to Detroit.

You remember hearing Alice Cooper's album release party for "Love It to Death" being aired live from the Roostertail on WABX-FM in 1971.

You remember when vandals broke into Detroit Dragway and stole all the timing equipment in the early '70s.

You had your television repaired by Art's TV Shop on Wheels in northwest Detroit.

You remember Federal's owner Steven West and the mysterious fires that burned down at least two of their stores.

You remember going to the large Radio Shack store in front of the Gratiot Drive-In with your Battery Club Card to get a free battery every month.

You saw President Ford at Macomb Mall.

You stood in line for hours just to see Lee Majors, the Six Million Dollar Man, at Toys R Us on Gratiot in Roseville.

You remember watching Godzilla during "Monster Week" on the afternoon movies on WXYZ (Channel 7).

You remember when Channel 4 switched call signs from WWJ to WDIV.

You remember WXYZ'S Loree Marks, "The White Camilla," hostess of TV love stories. 

You went to the $1.00 teen dances on Sunday at Cobo Hall.

Your school took a bus trip to Upland Hills Farm.

You went to Momo's Lounge on 2nd, north of W. Grand Blvd in 1955 to listen to
Phil Gaberman on piano, Danny Pliskow on bass and Billy Schwartz on drums.

You remember watching Traffic Court with Judge John D. Watts on Channel 4.

You remember the Detroit Police units called STRESS and the Big Four.

You remember Drumbeat A Go Go, a teen nightclub, at 8 Mile and Schoenherr.

You remember the Silvercup Bakery on Chene between Vernor and Hendricks.  

You remember turning east on Jefferson from Belle Isle and seeing the big CHRYSLER sign.  
You remember Coach Buddy Parker resigning the Detroit Lions before the season saying "this team is uncoachable." And George Wilson took them to the NFL championship.

You remember stock car racing at Partington Pasture Speedway in Warren.

You "parked" on Belle Isle after driving Tanglewood Lane with your headlights off.

You drove down Lakeshore Drive in Grosse Pointe on a summer evening.

You remember the power house football teams from St. Ambrose beating Cooley, Pershing and Southeasten in consecutive years in the Goodfellows Games.

You remember when the Detroit Metropolitan Orchestra performed "The Nutcracker Suite" for an audience of school children.

You remember weeknights at 12 midnight when WNIC's Alan Almond would sign off his show Pillow Talk and his signature sign-off over the instrumental "Summer Madness" by Kool & The Gang: "I love you so so much, and sweet dreams, Angel."

You tried to answer the questions on Ask The Professor on WJR.

You got your hair cut at Joe's Barber Shop next to the Willis Theater and across the street from Reverend Franklin's church at Hastings and Willis.

You went downtown to J.L. Hudson's "Children Only Shop" where their sales staff helped you select Christmas gifts.

You remember the school field trips to the Ford Rotunda and the Ford Factory.

You remember riding the Fort Street bus from downriver to downtown to see Lawrence of Arabia at the Madison, and all of the staff wore costumes related to the movie.

You went to Brothers Restaurant on Wyoming and Curtis to have a Boogaloo sandwich (like a loose burger only better).

You remember when J.L. Hudson downtown had two sections and you could only get to the other section on upper levels.

You remember roller skating at Northland Skating Rink.

You remember Little Caesar's was a sit-down restaurant and you watch them hand-toss the dough though the glass.

You listened to country DJ Deano Day on WDEE while getting ready for school.

You paid $2.00 to have your picture taken on a western pony that made the rounds in your neighborhood.

You played in the Grinnell Brothers Annual Festival of Pianos at The Stadium on Grand River.  

You remember thPrince Spaghetti factory's huge sign on Groesbeck in Warren that said "Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day" with a big box of Prince Spaghetti.

You stood in line to buy meat at Alexander & Hornung on a busy Saturday and the butcher gave you hot dogs to eat while you waited.

You watched or were on Ed McKenzie's Saturday Dance Party on WXYZ-TV.

You remember J.P. McCarthy's St. Patricks Day broadcasts from the Golden Tower of the Fisher Building.

You watched as the Mavericks and Mustangs rolled out of the Ford Rouge Plant.

You remember J.P. McCarthy's "pep" rally on the Friday morning before the Michigan-Ohio State football game.

You remember Renee McKay (later Renee Craig) with tenor Fred Kendall and the 
WJR Ochestra (conducted in the 50s by Paul Lavoie, Max Leeb and Harry Safford) on Bud Guest's Guest House on WJR.  

You remember taking the 20-mile "Sunday Drive" on Edward N. Hines Parkway along the Rouge River from Dearborn to Northville Township.

You remember Van Patrick calling Tigers games and describing Charley "Paw Paw" Maxwell hitting a homer that was "going, going, gone!" Or the Lions having the ball at the "45 1/2 -- let's call it the 46." 

You remember waiting for all the seats to get sold for Red Wings games at Olympia so you could buy standing room tickets, and then riding the world's longest escalator.

You listened to Dave "Sangoo" Prince on WKMH 1310 (before it became Keener).

You bought your 45's and albums at Cetnar's Record Manor on Joy Road.

You remember skating at Arena Roller Rink on Greenfield at Grand River.

You remember watching cartoons on Jerry Booth's Fun House, and Clyde the Moose that groaned "uh huh."

You watched Eddie Feigner (The King and His Court) play softball in Lincoln Park.

Or the House of David baseball team play at Lafayette School in Lincoln Park.

You played hockey at the Kings Chair in Lincoln Park and used railroad wheel packing to start a fire to keep warm.

You rushed home after school to earn badges and stuff from the Duncan yo-yo instructor at Ed's Sweet Shoppe on Warwick and Grand River.

You remember the Christmas tree of lights covering the front of Hudson's downtown. 

You remember "No Parking Tuesday By Order of The Detroit Police" for street cleaners. 

You remember the voice of Harry Heilmann announcing Tiger baseball sponsored by Goebel's Private Stock 22

The Twins Pines theme song: 
You can have worry free, home dellivery, call Twin Pines, TExas 4-11Oh,Oh!

Mr. Belvedere, Morrice Lazell, and his theme song: 
"Here's the magic number, keep it by your side, Bevedere Construction 
they are known so far and wide. For the best in home improvement, 
they're known throughout the state. 
Call TYler 8-71OhOh, for a home improvement date."

You went to the Michigan State Fair to see the new cars.

You took a ride on (the world's first) Davison Freeway.

You rode the ponies Rouge Park.

You went to the Caucus Club to see Barbra Streisand sing.

You went to Bray's Hamburgers on Grand River and Inkster to buy seven burgers in a bag for a buck.

You remember the mysterious chimes on the ceilings of downtown Hudson's that rang in varying patterns.

You raced slot cars on the huge eight lane track at The Groove on Main Street in 
Royal Oak.

You remember when driving north on the I-75 Freeway meant taking Oakland Ave from McNichols to 8 Mile -- the only unfinished stretch from Florida to the U.P.

You remember buying your crew necks and solid color wool sweaters from 
The Gas Station Store (an old gas station) around 6 Mile and Livernois.

You remember when you were in the military and wearing your uniform, you could ride the DSR and attend Tiger games for free.

You remember swimming at Lipke Pool on Van Dyke in the summertime and then ice skating at Farwell Field on Outer Drive in wintertime.

You ate at Sugar Shack Donuts at the corner of 11 Mile Road and Gratiot.

You remember Don Zee's return to radio at CKLW and would open his midnight show with "Musical kicks from now until six with Don Zee. Two e's, if you please"

You remember the horse drawn Sealtest milk wagons.

You played hockey in the Parks and Recreation leagues at Olympia.

You remember skating on Baby Creek (now Patton Park).

You fell asleep listening to Lovingly Yours, Laura on WWJ.

Stopping in at AAA Bird Store to see what new pets they had.

You can remember sledding at Laro Farms, past Northland...when it wasn't there yet.

You attended Friday night sock hops at the Edgewater Park Ballroom.

You looked forward to Saturday when you'd stop at Farm Crest Bakery to buy their 
jelly rolls and restaurant-style doughnuts and pies.

Dancing at Cobo Small on Beach Daily.

The Peanut House with shells on the floor on 7 Mile by the old Detroit Skate Club.

The Mouse House, owned by Stanley Mouse, on 7 Mile and Southfield that moved to Livonia in the late '60s.

You remember the crazy traffic lights at Southfield / Grand River / Fenkell.

You remember The Nugget restaurants, open 24 hours, with 27 locations to serve you!

You stopped at the Oak gas station on the corner of Grand River and 9 Mile Road for gas at 19.9 cents a gallon.

You spent a Friday or Saturday night listening the The Camel Drivers.

You remember when Belle Isle had a giant slide.

You remember the The Stork Club at Ford Road and Middlebelt in Garden City, a place for kids to go and dance.

You shopped at Saks Fifth Avenue at Second & Lothrop where you'd drive under a portico and a uniformed valet would open your car door and the door to the store for you, and when you came out, he brought your car up and put your purchases in the trunk.

You know that Bill Kennedy played in a TV episode of the Lone Ranger.

You remember the S.S. Kresge's downtown on the corner of Woodward and State St. where you could go downstairs and get a slice of vanilla ice cream between freshly-made waffles for only 15 cents.

You remember that metro Detroit was the track capitol of the country with Wayne State's Lorenzo Wright and John Telford beating Olympians in the 1950s, and Pontiac's Hayes Jones, Farmington's Rex Cawley and Henry Carr (Northwestern High School's great "Gray Ghost") breaking world records in the 1960s.

You caught the Blues Magoos or Linda Ronstadt with the Stone Ponies at the Chessmate.

You remember Dexter Dairy on Davision with the malt shop attached (Jessies).

You remember Harvey Mack Pontiac at 5959 Cass.

You remember seeing Ted Nugent and Bob Seger perform for free at Macomb Mall.

Seeing Alice Cooper, Iggy and the Stooges and others perform at the Dancing Dome in Mt. Clemens.

You went to the Ryan Theater and remember watching The Tingler when the rumor was there was a device attached to the bottom of the seats that would vibrate during certain parts of the movie.

You remember Gus the Ice Cream Man coming down your street on the far west side of Detroit (Warendale) .

You remember hearing Recorders Court accompany the Rennaisance Dancers at the Wassail Feast in the Great Hall of the Detroit Art Museum.

You remember when your school group went on a field trip to Greenfield Village.

You remember Debt Aid ("You'll sleep better at night").

You attended Industry Sings concerts at Ford Auditorium and Masonic Temple.

You sledded, tobaggoned or ice skated at Redford Golf Course.

You know someone who was born at William Booth Hospital.

You remember hitchhiking along Gratiot and getting a ticket from Officer Pettigrew near 
7 Mile.

You skipped school to sneak into the Gaiety Burlesque downtown at midday.

You bought penny candy at Eurich's General Store on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn.

You rode the train through the igloo to see Santa at Muirhead's at the corner of Michigan and Military.

You remember the Detroit School of Music, a house just off Woodward Ave. north of and fronting the Ford Expressway (I-94).

You listened to Mike Whorf on WJR late at night and watched his documentary / narrative program Kaleidoscope.

You remember Harry Heilman announcing for the Detroit Tigers..."Trouble, trouble, trouble...gone!" 

You remember Hund's at Grand River & Bagley and Northwood Inn at Catalpa & Woodward, fine dining establishments with excellent ambience, cuisine, and service.   

You remember the tile on the inside of the Belle Isle Aquarium from world famous 
Pewabic Pottery.

You remember that the Lone Ranger radio program originated at the WXYZ studio, 
East Jefferson at the foot of Burns.

You went to the Hullabaloo to see local bands like the Unrelated Segments and Rationals.

You remember Ven Marshall, TV reporter/anchor, Channel 4 and Channel 7.

You bought your prom dress or mother-of-the-bride formal from Day's Fashions on 
Jos Campau in Hamtramck.

You were in a bowling league at Fantasy Bowl on 7 Mile Road, and afterwards had their great onion rings and Moscow Mules.

You drag raced out on Grand River past Five Points or Northwestern Avenue.

You attended concerts at Edgewater Amusement Park.

Your first job was as a pinsetter at Piller Rec for 12.5 cents a line.

You remember watching the making of the NBC "Today" show on the first floor of the 
GM Building and standing near the glass windows so you could be on TV.

You remember drinking and dancing to The Look, a local west side band, at Harpo's
on the east side with their fabulous light show.

You played little league baseball for Dad's Club at St. Eugene's fields on Berg Road  in northwest Detroit between and 8 Mile Rds.

You bowled at North End Lanes in Hamtramck.

You heard the Sunliners play at Club Cliche.

You watched Kozy Josie on TV and saw Lady Leather at the Detroit Auto Show.

Going to the Detroit Auto Show at Cobo Hall in 1960 and first hearing The Miracles sing "Shop Around."

Hanging out at the Polar Bear on Third in Highland Park with fellow "Parkers."

You fished at McInerny's stocked pond on Northwestern Highway.

You attended Cranbrook's monthly youth science programs on Saturday mornings.

You remember the 'gut bombs' at the Lafayette and American Coney Island.

You remember the music festivals in large amphitheaters at Meadowbrook on
the Oakland University campus and at Pine Knob in Clarkston.

You bowled at Roll-A-While on the north side of Puritan between Stoepel and Santa Rosa.

You remember The Backgammon Club on Greenfield near 12-1/2 Mile Road.

You remember when Hudson's let JC Penney into Northland because they agreed to put a roof over the whole mall.

You can answer the question, "When was the  time, you had a good slug of Redpop?"

You went to high school fraternity gigs at Local 876 or the Sentinal Bldg.

You were born in Burton Mercy Hospital.

You went to hear live jazz at the Top of the Ponchatrain Hotel.

You roller skated at the Arcadia or Arena rinks.

You got your first taste of disco at Gaygen's or Menjo's on 6 Mile.

You watched The Jits at Ben's High Chaparral.

You bought records at Simpson's Record Shop on Linwood and Grand Blvd.

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